Fujifilm X100V

I bought my first Fujifilm digital camera, an X-E2, back in 2014, after having read rave reviews for the Fujifilm system. This marked my return to photography after a long, long hiatus (as in many years). I never clicked (ha!) with this camera, despite trying my best. It was slow and finicky, and I hated the electronic viewfinder. Instead, I stopped shooting digital altogether, and dived head-on into analog film.

I love film. Almost all my favorite images were shot with film. But film is expensive, there’s just no way around that. When Anna and I started doing test shoots with new faces from a modeling agency here in Malmö it quickly became clear that I needed to pick up a digital camera again. I bought a Nikon D750 and film emulating profiles from The Archetype Process, and to my amazement the images didn’t suck! I’d say they were at least 75 percent as good as my medium format film shots and at least 90 percent as good as my 35mm film shots. And I needed the extra room for error shooting 300 digital frames provides.

For the new year, I wanted to shoot more from everyday life. The Nikon D750 is no beast by any means, but it’s big enough that I don’t bring it with me most of the time. So, I bought myself a compact camera, the best compact camera I could find, a Fujifilm X100V. These images are from my first shoot with it, from a sunny walk around Vombsjön. I still hate the electronic viewfinder, but I love using the optical viewfinder this camera has.

— Jan 10, 2021