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Photography workflow

I shoot with a mix of analog and digital cameras. For medium format film stuff, my Pentax 645n with the Pentax 90mm/2.8 lens is my workhorse setup. I actually have two Pentax 645n bodies, but my spare one mostly sits idle in a box under my bed. For personal stuff I love using my Pentax 67ii. Not much beats the feel of that camera with the Pentax 105mm/2.4 lens. When that body breaks, I have a Pentax 67 body as a spare.

I also shoot some 35mm film with my Nikon F100 and my wife’s Olympus OM-1. That OM-1 is a mechanical marvel.

I mail my film to Spain to get developed and scanned by Malvarrosa Film Lab, or by Carmencita Film Lab.

For digital, I'm experimenting with a Nikon D750 and the Voightländer 58mm/f1.4, together with film-emulating profiles from the Archetype Process. My digital workflow is a sprawling concoction of Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop and Exposure X6 (for the superior grain).


About this website

My goal with the design was to emulate flipping through an old-school printed photography magazine. To me, that means tons of whitespace, representing interactive text with monochrome typography features rather than color and as few interactive interface elements as possible. The Web works differently than print, of course, so it was more the feeling than the literal interpretation I was after. Speed was also paramount. In real life, you don't have to wait for your magazine pages to load.

It’s built with Jekyll and is served by Netlify and Cloudinary. I use LazySizes by Alexander Farkas for lazy loading and Packery by Metafizzy for the grid layout on index pages. Type is set in Neue Haas Grotesk by Christian Schwartz. My logotype is set in Coniferous by James Edmondson.