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This page is for the nerds

I shoot with a mix of analog and digital cameras. For medium format film stuff, my Pentax 645n with the Pentax 90mm/2.8 lens is my workhorse setup. I actually have two Pentax 645n bodies, but my spare one mostly sits idle in a box under my bed. For personal stuff I love using my Pentax 67ii. Not much beats the feel of that camera with the Pentax 105mm/2.4 lens. When that body breaks, I have a Pentax 67 body as a spare.

I also shoot some 35mm film with my Nikon F100 and my wife’s Olympus OM-1. That OM-1 is a mechanical marvel.

For digital I’m experimenting with a Nikon D750.

I mail my film to Spain to get developed and scanned by Malvarrosa Film Lab, or by Carmencita Film Lab.

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