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Carola—21 September, 2020. We met up with Carola from Sweden Models a few weeks ago, for a styled shoot. Read more ›

Helga and Cecilia—17 August, 2020. Summer has moved at breakneck speed. Summer vacation ends today and my kids are now back in school. We've had a nice couple of weeks, with a few shoots mingled with other stuff. Read more ›

Stenshuvud—25 July, 2020. So, we're mid-summer and I'm almost at the end of my month-long social media break. It hasn't been as revolutionary as I had hoped. I really miss posting photos to Instagram, but it'll be awesome showing the work I've saved on pile. Read more ›

Jasmine—06 July, 2020. During the past week I've gone through the archives and added to Jasmine's gallery. I'd forgotten how nice those images from that short autumn session were! Read more ›

Families and models—22 June, 2020. Summer is here at last! Anna and I have a pretty full shooting schedule for the coming weeks and we really, really wish we had more days of the week to spend on photography. Read more ›