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The first update

Late winter and early spring was intense even before the Sars-Cov-2 virus began its spread around the globe. Anna and I had a number of model shoots with young talents from Sweden Models Agency, which thankfully were mostly done before the heaviest consequences of the pandemic became obvious. All those shoots were a fantastic learning experience. I standardised the lighting setup so we could concentrate on posing, feel and composition instead. They resulted in quite a few new portfolio galleries, for instance this one and this one.

Those model shoots also made me experiment with digital capture for the first time in years. I bought a Nikon D750 and some profiles from The Archetype Process and went to town. To my delight it is possible to get pretty close to the film look I love. Even though I enjoy everything about shooting film (except for the cost) I’m must admit I’m not sure I see the advantage in a studio model session.

We also did a session with our friend Lars in a dark forest in February, and a shoot with Jennifer and one with our daughter.

Oh, and I’m also experimenting with updates of this kind. I really don’t have the time to maintain a real blog or a newsletter, but this may just work. I’m also trying out a cookie-less approach to announce these updates on the landing page. The downside to respecting people’s privacy and not set cookies is that there’s no way to remember of a particular visitor has seen and closed the announcement. Instead it’ll pop up every time the landing page is loaded, if there’s an update not older than three weeks. Trade-offs.

—21 May, 2020