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During the past week I’ve gone through the archives and added to Jasmine’s gallery. I’d forgotten how nice those images from that short autumn session were! One of them is the best performing photo I’ve ever posted to Instagram, I believe.


I also added a second gallery with Jasmine under stories. We shot this in a cold forrest in Veberöd in early spring and it was the very first session we used on-location artificial light. A quirky story about celebrating by yourself, that suddenly feels very apt.

I’ve updated the style of this website slightly, with rounded corners for thumbnails. I think it looks fresh and it also works as a visual separation between thumbnails and gallery photos. I’ve also finally been able to figure out how to do tag pages for collections in Jekyll. Try clicking on the tags shown with the first image of each gallery!

Also, my missing film rolls arrived in Valencia! Instead of three days it took more than two weeks. Let’s hope there’s something on them still.

—06 July, 2020