Sugar high

Friday evenings at the Hertze’s.

— Mar 5

Zoe, fake Bloody Marys and that Helmut Newton

Zoe Santiago on a magical evening in gloomy February. Though, that particular day wasn’t so gloomy at all. After a long, dark winter, a spring-like sun broke through the clouds and we had to wait until it set before we could get shooting. Such a first-world problem to have. Maybe strobe season is coming to an early end this year? Hair by Anna Hertze and makeup by Gabriella Jäderlund.

— Feb 26

Apricot days

Alice at Lomma beach at sunset. We truly don’t get many winters like this. We tried our best to hide the HORDES of ice skaters and on-lookers swarming around us, because who wouldn’t want to see a sunset like this? Concept by @annaskapar.

— Feb 14